Palace of the queen.

Yesterday, I have visited the palace of the queen in my town, Amsterdam. =) As you can see I try to write this post in English. I know that English isn’t my best subject. But I love variety on my blog and it is also a good exercise for me. And so my blog can become more international.

I passed the palace so many times, but I had never seen it inside. It was very strange! In fact, I had expected more. It was beautiful, and I’ve made some photo’s that looks gorgeous, but it was very small because we could just see the first etage. My dad made also a picture of my outfit, I wore a dress from H&M, a legging from Esprit and my self-made glitterallstars. I wore a white shirt too, but I put him of before the picture was made.

Anyways, let’s show the pictures I made. Enjoy!

Lots of love,


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